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Patient Engagement Consultant

Taylor is a solution-driven patient engagement consultant with 10+ years of experience in championing the needs of the rare disease community. She has demonstrated expertise in non-profit leadership, brand development, social media, market research, and stakeholder communications. She is uniquely situated to develop patient-centric strategies and initiatives for both internal and external advocacy relations, enabling an organization to better connect with and understand the patient community it serves. She maintains strong relationships with a vast network of patient leaders and industry professionals.


Taylor works with both for-profit and non-profit organizations, with a focus on fostering communication between biotechnology/pharmaceutical companies and their patient populations. For more information or to book an initial consultation, please email or click out the contact button below.

Consulting Services

  • Developing patient engagement and outreach strategies

  • Collecting and systematizing patient feedback

  • Communicating with stakeholders

  • Amplifying brand public relations

  • Maintaining relationships with patient community

  • Leading creation of patient-focused content

  • Fostering strategic engagement

  • Growing sustainable organizations


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